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UKH2Mobility Plan Offers Road Map for Upcoming Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked many times over the past years about the German H2Mobility plan. Germany and the surrounding countries have been planning a European Union Hydrogen Highway system for the past decade. Part of this H2 highway system has included the United Kingdom.

Well, now the UK has decided to get more focused on the 2015 deadline when the major automakers say they will start rolling out hydrogen cars. And thus the UKH2Mobility Program has been formed.

The goals of UKH2Mobility according to the United Kingdom government website are:
“Analyse in detail the specific UK case for the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles as one of a number of solutions to decarbonise road transport and quantify the potential emissions benefits;

“Review the investments required to commercialise the technology, including refueling infrastructure; and

“Identify what is required to make the UK a leading global player in hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle manufacturing thereby paving the way for economic opportunities to the UK, through the creation of new jobs and boosting of local economies.”

Car manufacturers along with the gas and utility companies plus other companies involved in the creation of the needed hydrogen infrastructure have joined the UKH2Mobility program and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share their technological achievements without borders.

In the past couple of years the UK Hydrogen Highway has already started to take shape. The UKH2Mobility program will give what is already in progress a boost to make sure that the United Kingdom is a major player when demand starts to pick up quickly for hydrogen products and services.

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  1. Fuel Cell is as danger as any fossil fuel for Environment and should be prohibited. Since it is inverse process of water electrolysis, it takes oxygen (a non greenhouse-effect gas) from atmosphere to form water with the hydrogen making an atmosphere gas unbalance, increasing the proportion of greenhouse-effect gases. Worse, we need oxygen for breathing and keep us alive as well as the rest of aerobic creature living on hearth; your product FC reduces it.
    The process obtaining the hydrogen from hydrocarbons is exactly the same as fossil fuel. The only method that should be allow to generate hydrogen is from electrolysis from water and releasing oxygen to atmosphere in the same proportion your death cell consumes the vital element: O2.

  2. admin

    You are forgetting a couple of things. First, if electrolysis is used to produce hydrogen, then the oxygen in freed into the atmosphere while the hydrogen is contained. Second, yes water vapor is a greenhouse gas. But, water vapor also creates rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. that falls back to Earth and replenishes our water supply.

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