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Radical Hydrogen Racecar Developed by Students

Students at Cranfield University (just north of London, UK) will be converting a new Radical RXC racecar to run on hydrogen fuel. At the end of the project the hydrogen powered prototype will run laps to prove the modifications have worked.

According to Cranfield University, “The project has been designed in anticipation of a hydrogen economy and with the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) Technology Road Map in mind. The work is supported by Radical Sportscars, Aerocom Metals and several other organisations …

“…The project requires close integration between powertrain modelling and new chassis design – linking real data from Radical and Ford Ecoboost engines with new materials and structural improvements. Students are designing and undertaking their own physical tests of materials and current car components to validate their simulations. On top of this the solutions must consider cost and safety and still perform well.”

One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to fit the Radical with its tight, compact aerodynamic design with the necessary hydrogen components. Simulated laps will be run from Cadwell Park full circuit and the Silverstone National Circuit.

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