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White House Petition for More Funding for Hydrogen Cars

Gregory B. recently placed a link on the Hydrogen Cars Now Facebook page to a petition web page. The petition asks President Obama’s administration to set aside more funding for hydrogen fueled vehicles.

Here is the full text of the petition:

we petition the obama administration to:

Put more funding into the development, safety and commercialization of Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles.

We the people request to lower CO2 funds and advance our current transportation technology by researching and placing more funding into safety technology and developing the infrastructure to widely Commercialize the use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for the following reasons.

1. Hydrogen fuel cell technology has already been developed and has existed for decades.

2. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles emit ZERO Carbon Dioxide, on a massive scale this could reduce the environmental footprint of vehicles.

3. Advances in the commercialization of Hydrogen Vehicular technology increases demand for parts creating more jobs.

4. With more research and funding, better safety technologies will be developed along with better fuel storage.

Created: Feb 05, 2013


Now, I emailed this petition to my friend, Stan and he raised a legitimate concern that this webpage may be some sort of phishing scam. I’ve been working on the Internet for over 14 years now, so I know a thing or two about phishing.

Here was my reply concerning the petition webpage:

“Not to fear on phishing. When a URL says you know it’s the real deal. The website is just a subdomain of In addition, the https at the beginning means that the website uses a secure socket layer for added security.

“Phishing websites may have the word ‘whitehouse’ in them but they cannot get a website unless they are the actual U. S. Whitehouse. Phishing web pages also rarely use https and use http instead because https leaves a paper trail more than http.

“Anyway, the petition page is legit and not a phishing website. It does need some publicity however.”

So, I encourage everyone who believes in more funding for hydrogen cars and infrastructure to sign this petition. I’m the second signer on it. It’s a grass roots effort with a long way to go, but every vote does count. The petition needs to get 150 signatures to be searchable on the petitions site. Right now if you search “hydrogen” or “cars” there are no results. Let’s change that!

Sign the petition now at:


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