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U.S. DOE and DOT Offering Millions for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

Recently the U. S Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Transportation (DOT) have announced the availability of millions of dollars for hydrogen fuel cell research. The DOE is making $7 million available and the DOT is making $24.9 million available.

Now I’ve already talked about FedEx adding fuel cells to 20 of their delivery trucks. FedEx is receiving $3 million from the DOE for these conversions. Another recipient includes the Center for Transportation and the Environment which will get $3 million to retrofit 15 UPS delivery trucks with fuel cells plus a walk-in delivery van.

Air Products will receive $900,000 to develop a tube trailer for hydrogen storage and delivery. These will be tested at hydrogen fueling stations in Southern California under real world conditions.

The DOT is releasing almost $25 million to put more fuel cell buses into service nationwide. Under the LoNo program (Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment) according to the DOT, “It focuses on commercializing the cleanest and most energy-efficient U.S.-made transit buses to help reduce emissions like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.”

So there you have it. Once again the Federal Government has opened up its purse strings to help further the cause of hydrogen vehicles. As for me, I’m already breathing a little easier because of this.




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  1. I hope the Australian government does the same ! We need all the help we can get

  2. Man I wish they would just stop the welfare payments and invest all those billions into this technology. Would serve two purposes No1 people would have to get up off their duffs and go to work No2 New technology would be developed that would change the world and then those same people could sit back down and watch Oprah all the time like they want to. LOL just half joking

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