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President Obama Signs Nationwide Hydrogen Highway Initiative

Today, a little reported initiative happened at the White House. President Barack Obama has changed his stance on battery electric vehicles and has signed the “Nationwide Hydrogen Highway Initiative” into law.

The new initiative will mandate that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Department of Energy (DOE) build up to 200,000 hydrogen fueling stations nationwide, not more than 5 miles apart in most regions.

The mandate will give subsidies of up to $2 million apiece for building a hydrogen fueling station from the ground up and up to $300,000 for adding a hydrogen pump to an existing gas station. It was stated that President Obama needed to “green up” his latest energy bill which calls for off-shore drilling, more coal and the building of additional nuclear power plants.

By adding wind, solar and hydrogen to this dirty energy bill it will help Congress sell it on Capitol Hill. President Obama is said to have changed his stance on battery electric vehicles being the future because of the short ranges and long recharging times for years to come. There are two words that come to mind when I think of this initiative including “April” and “fool’s”. This is just some wishful thinking on my part, so don’t take this seriously (for now).

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  1. Very humorous , but I wish it were true!

  2. Michael Robinson

    Chu is addicted to bio fuels as badly as most people are addicted to Oil. Yes bio fuels work with most vehicles on the road today, but bio fuel combustion is
    almost as environmentally harmful as fossil fuel combustion. If Obama changes
    his attitude for real about hydrogen, not likely, letting the nation know should be
    a primary priority. There is a real lack of leadership in Washington when it comes to hydrogen, among other things. I voted against Obama and I’ll vote against him again in 2012. An energy plan going forward is essential to repair
    the nation’s battered economy, but Obama would rather screw up health care
    and increase the number of coal fired plants. Obama has been out of touch with
    the people on the issues that matter, especially on energy, for a very long time.

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