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Who’s Talking About Hydrogen?

Everyone, it seems is now talking about hydrogen. So, as a departure from the usual blog subjects, I decided that it may be fun and informative to venture out and see what the other bloggers have to say about hydrogen.

The Frozen North blog talks about how difficult it is to replace one form of energy with another. The blog also talks about how there will probably not be one universal fuel source or magic energy bullet in the future, but we will rely on many different sources for our increasing energy needs.

The Science Matters blog (or magazine) from Berkeley talks about solving the hydrogen storage problem with research and development of nanomaterials especially synthetic inorganic chemistry. The idea of this research is to store large amounts of hydrogen at ambient temperature and pressure.

The Astroprof’s Page takes a scientific view of hydrogen and expounds on why hydrogen is of such interest to the scientific community.

The About My Planet blog posted a story about United Nuclear who claims to have a hydrogen conversion kit for sale to fit almost any vehicle. That EDE Guy blog, however, takes a swing at this same company, calling it a publicity stunt.

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