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Odyssey National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day October 12

On Thursday, October 12, the Odyssey National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day will kick off with expositions around the country. The 54 events in 34 of the U. S. states are being coordinated by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC).

In 2004, 25,000 people attended the events, which are geared towards those who are interested in lower prices at the pump, a cleaner environment and lessening this country’s dependence upon foreign oil. At some of the events, like the ones in Whittier or Ontario, California participants will be treated to a ride & drive in a hydrogen car such as the BMW Hydrogen 7 or Honda FCX.

The main purpose of the event is to promote consumer awareness of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). Other goals of the event are to encourage fuel suppliers to invest in a nationwide infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles, urge U. S. policymakers to pass legislation for tax rebates and incentives for AFVs and continue to improve the marketability of AFVs.

At past events, celebrity environmentalists such as Dennis Weaver (who died earlier this year) spoke about the advantages of hydrogen cars and other AFVs towards cleaning up greenhouse gases that are contributing the global warming. This year’s attendance is expected to far exceed that in 2004.

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