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Huffington Post on Hydrogen

I didn’t go to the Huffington Post directly. I found this particular blog post through the search engines while looking for stories on hydrogen. The post is called, “What Happened to Hydrogen?” and was written by Andrew J. Nusca.

Like many, Mr. Nusca says he hadn’t heard much about hydrogen cars since the 2003 State of the Union Address when President Bush addressed this issue. This post so far has elicited over 40 responses including my own.

The point of the post (I think) is how the mainstream media has forgotten about hydrogen cars as many top magazines, newspapers and other media outlets have simply turned their attention to other matters. In the last State of the Union Address, President Bush had dropped hydrogen cars from his speech in favor of ethanol.

Since people aren’t gung ho for a big change when it comes to their cars (and hydrogen would mean a Big Change), the mainstream media attention has simply turned to other matters of more immediate importance such as mine and bridge collapses and the war on terror.

But, this is even a bigger reason, for outlets like me to get the word out about hydrogen cars. If the large mainstream media isn’t going to do it, then it must be done from the grass roots level. Then again grass roots and green cars do make a pretty good pairing. The same goes for hot air and hydrogen and sometimes I have a lot of hot air in me to talk about hydrogen.

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