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Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Project Links EU by Technology

Norway, Denmark and Sweden have decided to join forces and link together separate hydrogen highway projects in order to create one large European hydrogen highway corridor. The corridor will set up a series of hydrogen fueling stations along the major roadways in the south and west of the Scandinavian area.

The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) links the three current hydrogen highway including the Norway HyNor Project, Denmark’s Hydrogen Link Project and Sweden’s HyFuture Project.

The Norway HyNor Project creates a hydrogen fueling station corridor between the major cities of cities of Oslo and Stavanger. The corridor is 350 miles in length and has extreme variations is climate and topology, which will serve for rigorous testing of the hydrogen vehicles along the routes.

Denmark’s Hydrogen Link Project is a Nordic Transportation Network (NTN) that serves to link Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The vision of the Hydrogen Link Project is to connect, through renewable technology, Northern European countries so that hydrogen vehicles can run from Molde, Norway to Hamburg, Germany.

Sweden’s HyFuture Project is focusing on development of a hydrogen highway system in the western region of Sweden. Of particular note in this region are the petrochemical industries in Stenungsund, which produce 1000 kg pure hydrogen per hour or enough to power 50,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for 9,000 miles each.

Initially, the focus will be upon linking of these three hydrogen highway corridors, but other nations are also expected to get onboard as well.

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