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Clean Energy Partnership Adds Toyota to Companies Developing H2 in Germany

The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) is said to be the world’s largest demonstration project for hydrogen cars and hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Some of the member companies of the CEP include Aral/BP, Berlin Public Transport (BVG), BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM/Opel, Hydro, the Linde Group, Total, Vattenfall Europe and the Volkswagen Group.

Now, the CEP will have the support of the Toyota as well. In 2004, the first CEP hydrogen fueling station went online in Messedamn, Berlin, Germany.

In September 2009, I had talked about the H2 Mobility plan for Germany and how 8 major companies signed a memorandum of understanding to expand the current 30 hydrogen fueling stations in Germany to the point of where serial production of hydrogen cars could start in 2015. The members of the H2 Mobility plan include Linde, Daimler, EnBW, NOW, OMV, Shell, Total and Vattenfall.

The CEP is currently in the 2nd phase of development which ends in 2010. Toyota is joining this phase which includes allocating 5 FCHV-adv fuel-cell hybrid vehicles to go along with 10 GM HydroGen 4 minivans and models from 5 other manufacturers to total 40 hydrogen-powered vehicles mostly in Hamburg and Berlin.

These vehicles will also accompany a fleet of H2 buses and 3 new hydrogen fueling stations to be constructed in the above named cities. The third phase of the CEP project will start in 2011 and conclude in 2016. This phase will be preparing and implementing the major commercialization of hydrogen cars and H2 fueling stations.

This commercialization will start in Germany, then expand outwards to the rest of the European Union Hydrogen Highway system and is concurrently expected to spread to Japan, the U. S. and other pro-hydrogen countries as well.

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