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British Columbia’s Hydrogen Highway Program In Focus

British Columbia, Canada is busy building the Big North’s BC Hydrogen Highway system. The BC Hydrogen Highway project is a large-scale demonstration and deployment project showcasing the feasibility of a hydrogen-based transportation system. The highway system is being built between Vancouver and Whistler with additional fueling stations in Victoria, Richmond, Surrey and Squamish.

The timing of the completion of the BC Hydrogen Highway project is set to coincide with the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. Hydrogen cars and buses will run between Vancouver and Whistler, transporting visitors and dignitaries.

Running up and down the corridor for over a year have been five Ford Focus FCV hydrogen cars driven by BC transit drivers. According to BC Transit fleet engineer Ben Herlinger who drives the vehicle, “It’s been pretty trouble free so far. It’s a pretty neat piece of equipment.” The Ford Focus FCVs are equipped with BC-built Ballard Mark 902 fuel cell stacks.

If the California Hydrogen Highway vision one day comes to fruition, then it will join the BC Hydrogen Highway to form a West Coast hydrogen corridor from Canada to the Baja Peninsula. For now, though, British Columbia is concentrating on getting funding and all infrastructure in place for the world’s showcase in 2010.

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