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Sage Mill Industrial Park Gets Fueling Station for H2 Forklifts

I like talking about hydrogen forklifts, so much so that I have a category dedicated just to this subject. The fact is that hydrogen fuel cell forklifts are being commercialized now and used in industrial settings because they offer many advantages over battery or fossil fueled powered forklifts.

I won’t outline all of the benefits because I’ve done so previously several times. So just follow the link provided if you’re interested in this information. Today I would like to talk about the first industrial park to get a hydrogen fueling station.

The Sage Mill Industrial Park, in Graniteville, South Carolina is getting a hydrogen fueling station for use by tenants at the complex. The biggest of the tenants will be Kimberly-Clark.

According to Kimberly-Clark Vice President, Rick Sather, “Kimberly-Clark is constantly looking for innovative ways to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. We are pleased to partner with GENCO ATC, Plug Power and Air Products to help expand hydrogen fuel cell technology to our entire forklift fleet. This energy technology can reduce our carbon emissions by hundreds of metric tons per year, lower costs and drive efficiencies to power our operations.”

Air Products will supply the compressed hydrogen gas and Plug Power will supply its hydrogen fuel cell system inside of Toyota forklifts for Kimberly-Clark.

As the common consumer is increasingly surrounded by hydrogen power, whether it be stationary fuel cells, portable fuel cells for electronic devices or fuel cells in the transportation industry it will only be a matter of time until hydrogen technology is normalized, mainstreamed, and accepted as commonplace for the average consumer.

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  1. OK I am so for Hydrogen Gas so why do we spend money on Band aide Gas Battery when it is enviable we will be using hydrogen. I guess not sexy enough. I will drive a test drive on Nissan Leaf just to try it.
    I am for it but people are not asking for it or buying help me understand better?

  2. admin

    When you drive your Nissan Leaf just be sure to take it on a nice long road trip, perhaps even take a vacation with it. Then you’ll see why the public will soon be frustrated with battery electric vehicles and clamor for hydrogen cars.

  3. I feel that it is most sensible that gas companies heed the transition to creating an infrastructure for hydrogen gas and that gas and then other green initiatives benefit from the transition from oil. I feel that we should hold oil responsible with legal recourse for the damages to our global environment or ozone layer or climate response. Let the US be first. Let gas draw the lawsuit. If a lawyer would only draw a case against oil to fuel the transition to hydrogen gas infrastructure then all peoples would inherit the future; we would have the funds to support the transition to H2 safely and quickly and not modestly. If we could only find a domestic or international lawyer that has the heart to be the first to draw a lawsuit against US and foreign oil and their role in the effects of climate change and our environment and hold them responsible economically.

  4. Also it should be a requirement that all companies allocate funds annually and convert to hydrogen powered forklifts equally in effort to support the transition and while it is now supported by our government we should support it more effectively or quickly. It is not necessary to move too slowly.

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