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Hydrogen Buses Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Over the past week and a half there has been a lot of news regarding hydrogen buses. So, I want to provide a summary to each story.

The United Kingdom’s first hydrogen bus has been launched and will service London’s RV1 route. Seven more hydrogen powered buses will be added to the same route in 2011 which covers Covent Garden, the Tower of London and the South Bank.

The U. S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado has received a hydrogen-powered shuttle bus (H2ICE) for demonstration purposes. The U. S. DOE has funded a total of 12 hydrogen shuttle bus leases that will be placed at federal facilities.

Toyota and Hino Motors are providing a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid bus for those who want to travel from central Tokyo to the Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). The FCHV-BUS is part of HySUT which is Japan’s Hydrogen Highway Project.

Aiken, South Carolina residents were treated to a ride on a hydrogen bus three days ago. The bus took residents to the Savannah River National Laboratory to take a tour of their Center for Hydrogen Research.

Hydrogen bus demonstration projects have been slowly making their way around the world for years now. Hydrogen powered public transportation systems make sense since limited infrastructure needs to be built to support these vehicles. But, word is definitely catching on as evidenced by these recent hydrogen bus projects outlined above.

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  1. Commercial Trucks

    This is important step to reduce carbon dioxide emission and hope it will be successful .Great work by Totyota and Hino.

  2. Hey its a great new that buses too are getting hybrid. Toyota and Hino Motors had done fabulous job by providing this hydrogen fuel cell hybrid bus. And it is also help to reduce the global warming.

    Now I am sure that after few years hybrid vehicles will run allover the world.

  3. Here’s a way to create enough hydrogen to meet all the power requirements of the United States. This is a bipartisan proposal. The second half details the green energy portion. 5 minute read;

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