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Future Bus Credo E-Bone Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Well there have been some wacky designs in the car world as any trade show will tell you. Concept cars are pretty prevalent there. But, concept buses are another matter altogether.

This futuristic concept bus was invented by designer Peter Simon. The Credo E-Bone is powered by a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and lithium ion batteries which are kept on the roof of the bus. Four in-wheel electric motors also help the propel the bus.

In order to cut down on weight and increase mileage this Credo E Bone ecobus from the future is made from composite plastic built upon a bonelike frame. It appears that one “antennae” on the bus gives information about the route while the other one makes it look like some form of bug.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of what the future buses will look like a few years from now. See the link for more pictures of the bus.

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  1. Cool bus. But much cooler is that this would be powered by hydrogen fuel. Question though, will the hydrogen fuel be placed through the fuel tank?

  2. i like your bus

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