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UTC Power Fuel Cells Energizing Bus Drivers and Astronauts

Hydrogen fuel cell maker UTC Power has reached a couple of milestones in powering both bus drivers and astronauts. UTC Power has just sold the largest procurement of fuel cells to bus operator AC Transit of Oakland, California.

AC Transit, who currently operates three hydrogen hybrid buses in the Northern California area has agree to buy eight 120 kW PureMotion® Model 120 fuel cells to power the company’s next generation buses. From past testing, AC Transit has found that the UTC Power fuel cells run at 70 to 100-percent higher efficiency than their diesel bus counterparts.

The fuel cells also are responsible for zero emissions out the tailpipe and a quieter ride for passengers, since the UTC Power design runs at near-ambient pressure. Besides the hydrogen buses running in Oakland, AC Transit also runs similar buses in Palm Desert, CA, Hartford, CT and in Belgium as well.

UTC Power has also passed another milestone with NASA by topping 100,000 operating hours in space. UTC Power fuel cells have been aboard all Space Shuttles providing onboard electrical power for the systems and drinking water for the astronauts.

In fact, according to Aerospace Online, “Every U.S. manned space mission during the past four decades has used fuel cell power plants built by UTC Power.” Cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen are used to feed the fuel cells and there are three UTC Power fuel cells per spacecraft.

From bus drivers to astronauts, UTC Power is providing clean electricity for vehicles and a glimpse into the future for emission-free transportation.

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