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Turbine Truck Engines Run 5th Generation Engine Using Hydrogen

DCGT EngineYesterday I talked about HGenerators and how they are developing their HGasStations hydrogen generators for home use and for use and at commercial fueling stations. Today, I want to talk about the company HGenerators has partnered with called Turbine Truck Engines who is testing their 5th generation Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine (DCGT) engine that has no pistons or valves.

Turbine Truck Engines (TTE) has successfully completed prototype testing on this DCGT using hydrogen produced by HGenerators. Turbine Truck Engines reported zero emissions from the testing along with no necessary modifications being made when switching the engine from propane to hydrogen. TTE expects their new turbine engine to complete with large diesel engines for the long haul trucking industry.

The DCGT engine delivers a complete electromagnetic isothermal combustion process that delivers high thermal efficiency. The engine doesn’t use any coolant since it is air cooled and also doesn’t use lube oil, filters or pumps.

Robert Scragg is the inventor of the 540 hp prototype engine that won the prestigious 2007 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. The company also plans to be able to scale this engine up to 1,000 hp as needed. The target price will be around $25,000 when the DCGT engine hits the market.

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