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The Price of Converting Cars Trucks and Vans to Run on Hydrogen

I’ve talked about this before but I haven’t talked about it in a while and there is an update in regard to converting cars, trucks or vans to run on hydrogen gas. Now, converting an internal combustion engine (ICE) to run on hydrogen is not quite as clean out the tailpipe as a fuel cell, but it is close.

Some of the companies that I’ve talked about in the past that specialize in converting ICE vehicles into H2ICE vehicles include Quantum Technologies and Intergalactic Hydrogen, both in the U. S.

I’ve also talked about a British company, Revolve (formerly Roush Industries) that have converted a couple of Ford Transit-based vehicles to run on compressed hydrogen gas. And now, they are looking for more business.

Revolve says they can handle about 20 hydrogen conversions of transit vans per month. Fleet vehicles will be the most likely candidates since the UK hydrogen highway is in the beginning stages of development.

The estimated prices for hydrogen conversions of ICE vehicles is $30,000 and up for Intergalactic Hydrogen, $60,000 and up for Quantum Technologies and around $69,000 for Revolve to convert a transit van.

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