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Suzuki Crosscage Fuel Cell Motorcycle

The Suzuki Crosscage hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle concept is making its debut at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. The fuel cell for the Suzuki Crosscage was designed by Intelligent Energy and features its patented air-cooled system.

The Suzuki Crosscage also uses lithium-ion batteries to provide added oomph and speed. The sporty design of the Suzuki Crosscage far exceeds that of the Intelligent Energy ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle) that has been in development for the past couple of years.

Not much detail is known about the Suzuki Crosscage as the motorcycle company and fuel cell company are keeping the info under wraps for the time being. And, in case you think this rice burner motorcycle company is a stranger to fuel cell vehicles, then check out the Suzuki Ionis minivan, which shows just how dedicated to zero emission vehicles this Japanese company really is.

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  1. that motorcycle looks pretty cool! such a good design from suzuki totally like it

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