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Solar-Powered Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Railway

Maglev RailwayThanks over to our friends at Inhabitat for alerting me of this story. The Interstate Traveler Company is developing a solar-hydrogen powered MagLev (magnetic levitation) rail system that will mean zero emissions for public transportation.

The idea is to built this MagLev railway system “along the right of way of the US Interstate Highway Systems” where minimal new infrastructure will need to be created. The solar and hydrogen powered MagLev light rail system will also provide maximum ease of access to those who live near major highways.

Besides moving people around by light rail, the Interstate Traveler Company also intends to build the needed infrastructure to move potable water, liquid waste, electricity, hydrogen, oxygen and fiber optics as well. This will provide both the company and municipalities who buy the system an added revenue stream.

The MagLev light rail system is based upon the TCP / IP protocol common for moving packets of information around on the Internet. The railway system will treat each car, kilogram of hydrogen, gallon of water, or kilowatt of electricity as a packet to be moved and tracked along the system.

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  1. i had this idea years ago, all of that land wasted between the interstates should be used for Mag-Lev trains. Like was mentioned, it would take minimal work to do. Running other lines like electric, water, fiber optics, etc… with it would is a great idea too. We should have Mag-Lev trains along time ago. I live in southern Illinois and the thought of maybe shopping or sight seeing in Chicago in 2 hours would be awesome. I can’t wait, do they need any investors?

  2. admin

    Here’s a link that presents another side to this idea.

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