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Rocket Man Sets Record in Hydrogen Peroxide Jetpack

Rocket ManA couple of months ago I talked about jetpacks and how the clean, green hydrogen peroxide that fuels them has yet to be harnessed to its full potential. Yesterday, rocket man Eric Scott pulled off a fine feat of harnessing some of the potential of hydrogen peroxide as he set a world record for distance and height by sailing over the Royal Gorge in Colorado.

In fact, Scott not only sailed the 1,000 ft abyss but powered his way 1,500 feet forward with fuel to spare. The stuntman with over 800 jetpack flights to his credit flew for 21 seconds with 30 seconds worth of hydrogen peroxide onboard his 135-pound jetpack.

Scott works for Jet P. I. doing stunts and promotions and has never had a failure of his jetpack while in flight. Jetpacks have been used before in a James Bond movie and a Super Bowl, but this adventure over the Colorado gorge offered some unique challenges.

According to Scott, so that he wouldn’t freefall into the Arkansas River below, while he was in flight he was in a state of constant corrections and over-corrections as the winds were not as calm as they seemed to be.

Eric Scott was flying without a parachute as he believed the hydrogen peroxide powered jetpack to be sound and didn’t want to deal with the drag on his vehicle. Carbon fiber makes the jetpack relatively light and Scott is able to achieve speeds up to 70 mph.

Here is a Youtube video of the event. Though hydrogen peroxide has the reputation for being “rocket fuel” we need to think outside the box a bit and reconsider how this clean compound made up of only hydrogen and oxygen (H2O2) can be adapted for use in the automobile industry as well.

This may take some development by the automotive engineers of the world, but if successful, we’ll all be able to breathe a bit easier.

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