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Pharos Marine Orcageno Hydrogen Diesel Yacht Will Float Your Boat

Pharos Marine Hydrogen YachtThis past summer I had talked about a hydrogen yacht sailing around the Mediterranean Sea and just yesterday I had talked about how the first hydrogen transport vehicle was not a boat. So, today, of course I’d like to talk about a new hydrogen yacht on the scene.

Pharos Marine, based out of Egypt, has in fact, unveiled the Orcageno hydrogen diesel hybrid super-yacht. The Orcageno is 197 feet long is has been built to cut through the water with minimal friction and have minimal impact on marine life as well.

In regard to hydrogen safety, “High safety standards are applied for hydrogen tanks to provide reliable operation conditions during loading and consumption of hydrogen fuel. The tanks are well isolated and fabricated from stress resistant material connected to each other by means of pipes and valves with sensors to indicate any leakage of hydrogen gas with a reliable shut down emergency system to ensure safety at all times.”

The hydrogen-diesel system is dual fuel and either can be used with the flip of a switch inside the vessel’s internal combustion engine, which in turn drives the Pharos Marine Orcageno’s generator. The generator then powers the Azipod electrical propulsion system.

Of course, being a yacht the Orcageno is not only environmentally friendly but also a luxury vehicle as well. It features a spa, health center, swimming pool and dining room so that guests can relax and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets aboard this eco-vessel.


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  1. I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatnses. I’m a fan of Pharos. (and of course I would like to take Cleopatra for a ride in my new hydrogen boat. 🙂

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