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Mining Trucks See Fuel Savings with Hydrogen Additive

A company called Hy-Drive Technologies has come up with a device to place under the hood of mining trucks and other heavy equipment (such as tractors, loaders, forklifts) that will use hydrogen to make the trucks run 9 – 18 percent more efficiently.

The unit is called a Hydrogen Generating System (HGS) and is about the size of a breadbox. This system uses the electricity already being produced under the hood to do electrolysis on purified water and inject the gaseous hydrogen into the engine’s intake for a cleaner burn inside the cylinders.

These cleaner burning engines run more efficiently, use less petroleum and spew out less greenhouse gases into the environment.

Devices such as these may be a great way to see the benefits of hydrogen now and for many years to come until all hydrogen solutions may be put into place.

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