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HyFLEET: CUTE Promotes Hydrogen Buses Worldwide

HyFLEET: CUTE is a European project that is promoting hydrogen buses worldwide. Right now, there are 10 different cities in Europe, Asia and Australia running tests and demonstration projects of buses using either hydrogen fuel cells or internal combustion engines (ICE).

The goal of HyFLEET: CUTE is to reduce CO2 emission and reduce dependency upon fossil fuels in the public transportation sector. This project is based up what was learned in three former projects including CUTE, ECTOS and STEP.

According to HyFLEET: CUTE, Amsterdam has decided to extend its trial of hydrogen buses another year until 2008. The Dutch are high on hydrogen in other ways as well since they expect to have the first commercial hydrogen ferry boat in operation in the latter part of 2007.

Earlier this year, HyFLEET: CUTE reported that the DaimlerChrysler Citaro fuel cell bus running in Luxembourg passed a major milestone with 5,000 miles of operational hours. The milestone was achieved while in regular operational service, running an average of 12-hour days.

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