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Hydrorunner G3 Increases Gas Mileage at Least 84-Percent

In a time when people are looking for a way to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions, two men from the Check Engine Service Center in Tampa, Florida have invented a hydrogen boosting system for internal combustion engines (ICE) to do just that. According to John Swangler and William Wylie, their Hydrorunner G3 hydrogen on demand system is able to boost gas mileage and reduce emissions on diesel or gasoline powered ICE vehicles.

On the Hydrorunner website is an independent report from Automotive Testing and Development Services (ATDS) in Ontario, California that verifies that the Hydrorunner G3 was able to increase the fuel economy of a 2001 Ford F-350 diesel by 84-percent. The tests showed that without the Hydrorunner G3 installed, the F-350 averaged 21.1 mpg and with the hydrogen additive system installed the F-350 was able to achieve 38.9 mpg.

According to Swangler and Wylie, a 2-liter reservoir for the water is recommended along with adding water every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. They even say that distilled water is not necessary for their system to work and that tap water or water from a garden hose will work just as well.

The Hydrorunner G3 works by taking electricity from a car’s alternator, electrolyzing water and injecting the hydrogen into the intake manifold. This method displaces some of the gasoline or diesel fuel and helps it to burn more cleanly reducing greenhouse gases by up to 90-percent.

The electrolysis happens without the use of a catalyst common with other hydrogen boosting systems. The Hydrorunner system has also been shown to increase vehicle torque by up to 10-percent. The Check Engine Service Center will install this system for vehicle owners, though no price has yet been published.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have an advertiser listed on the main hydrogen cars website that also sells a boosting system to run one’s car on water and am dedicated to reporting all such similar and competing technology.

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