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Hydrogen Vehicle Videos Worth Viewing

Since it’s the end of the week, and the beginning of the new year and since I haven’t done this for a while, I thought it was time I revisited what kind of hydrogen vehicle videos are showing up on Youtube now days. So, I’ve picked my top 5 hydrogen vehicle videos that feature students and celebrities, ordinary people and ambitious drivers of the future.

Here’s my top picks:

Because the high school and college students of today will be the scientists, researchers, engineers and businessmen and women of tomorrow working in the hydrogen field, I’m continually engaged in seeing what is happening inside the school to encourage this interest. The video of TransOptions hosting its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Challenge shows this nurturing of tomorrow’s budding scientists.

A hydrogen fuel cell model train runs around the track at the Ottawa, Canada Organic Farmer’s Market. Since I’ve been unable to find video of a large hydrogen train, or hydrail in operation, I thought the next best thing was to downscale expectations a bit and see what is happening at the grassroots level. Who knows, you may just see something similar at the next organic farmer’s market you venture into.

Jack Nicholson sniffs the tailpipe from a hydrogen car. I’ve linked to this video before but it is worth repeating since Jack “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Nicholson did this way back in 1978.

Jay Leno talks about the BMW Hydrogen 7 dual fuel luxury car. In fact, Jay takes a drink from the water that has dripped from the tailpipe and says, “It’s not Evian, but it’s not going to kill you either.”

Australia’s first hydrogen powered racing car is featured. I’ve talked about the Formula H hydrogen racecar before but this video gives a more detailed look at the vehicle and the people behind it.

There you have it, 5 hydrogen videos that give a glimpse of the past and the future, this generation and the next. And, tomorrow will bring the hope for cleaner skies, more energy independence and a better sense of energy security for years to come.

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