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Hydrogen Vans Go Green with UPS

DaimlerChrysler and UPS have teamed up to field test the Mercedes-Benz fuel cell Sprinter for commercial applications. The world’s largest parcel delivery service has seized an opportunity to promote itself as an environmentally friendly shipping company.

The hydrogen Sprinter van was built in Düsseldorf, Germany where 5,100 employees work building the standard Mercedes Sprinter vans as well. The H2 Sprinter is front-wheel drive and is powered by gaseous hydrogen. The hydrogen van employs a 55 kw electric motor and has a top speed of 72 mph with a range of approximately 90 miles before refueling.

One of the attractive aspects of the fuel cell-powered Sprinter van is that the fuel cell system does not get in the way of onboard storage of packages.

What can Brown do for you? Keep getting greener, baby.

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