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Hydrogen Fuel Cell ECObus Blazes Trail Through Arizona

Today, the hydrogen fuel cell ECObus makes its debut in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. The first hydrogen fuel cell bus in Arizona, the ECObus is the result of a joint partnership between ECOtality and Arizona Public Service (APS) company.

The statewide tour of this green public transportation vehicle is meant as a mobile classroom to educate citizens about using hydrogen in order to cut down on greenhouse gases. This “ecology lab on wheels” is intended as a learning vehicle for schoolchildren, parents, civic leaders and others who have a keen interest in green technology.

The Who may have had their “Magic Bus”, and ZZ Top may have been “Waitin’ for the Bus”, but the citizens of Arizona now have something to sing about as well. Unlike Paul Simon who “don’t need to discuss much”, there will be plenty to talk about when the ECObus rolls into town.

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