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Hydrogen Buses Keep Rolling Out

It seems like now that hydrogen buses have started rolling out, you just can’t stop them. From Scottsdale to Chattanooga, Florida to California, South Korea to the Northern U. S. states, hydrogen buses keep hitting the pavement in record numbers.

Orlando International Airport and the convention center have received a combined four Ford E-450 hydrogen ICE shuttle buses with four more on the way. A Chevron station near the airport will supply the buses with hydrogen using their H2Ge system.

In Belgium, a Van Hool hybrid electric hydrogen fuel cell transit bus was unveiled that will begin service in a couple of weeks. The 104-passenger transit bus is powered by a UTC Power PureMotion 120 fuel cell and was built at the Van Hool plant in Lier, Belgium.

Meanwhile, British Columbia has increased funding to $45 million in order to create the world’s largest hydrogen bus fleet. The goal of the British Columbia government is to have 20 hydrogen fuel cell buses on the road by the end of 2009 running along their BC hydrogen highway system.

Besides the obvious transportation and environmental benefits of the hydrogen buses, the other goal is consumer acceptance, having as many people as possible jump aboard the hydrogen bandwagon. And, these buses are the bandwagon to the future.

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