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Hydrogen Bikes Powered by Fuel Cells Debut in China

A hydrogen bike, powered by fuel cell, was unveiled in Shanghai, China at the 9th China International Exhibition on Gas Technology, Equipment and Applications trade fair. The hydrogen bike prototype was developed by the Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Company.

According to the company, their hydrogen bike components are lighter than those used in electric bikes, and the hydrogen bike can reach speeds of 15.5 mph with a range of around 60 miles. The tanks on the hydrogen bike which are mounted behind the seat take approximately 30 minutes to refill and compare favorably to an electric bicycle that takes upwards of 3 hours to recharge.

Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen has received several advanced orders for the hydrogen bike. Right now, the hydrogen fuel cell bike’s selling price is around $2,600. According to the manufacturer, by mass producing this hydrogen bike, the price will come down into the $500 range.

Golf carts and motorbikes are the next vehicles targeted for this same hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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