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Hydrail: A Pullet Surprise

by guest blogger Stan Thompson

If anyone out there is a friend of CNN’s Nadine Schmidt, please do five things:

  1. Buy Nadine a really nice steak dinner!
  2. Thank her for her excellent segment on hydrail April 12 (
  3. Give her my eternal thanks for exhuming perhaps the deepest—and most regrettably—buried environmental story of the 21st century.
  4. Tell her about the last time CNN covered hydrail a long, long time ago (
  5. And, finally, invite Nadine to do a nice follow-up piece, referencing this recent story in the Newsletter of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy ( which tells how Germany and China picked up a great but discarded American idea…and made it shine.

Transportation Secretary Chao:  Here’s a real opportunity to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA and make our infrastructure great again…for much less money than legacy track electrification!



About Stan Thompson

For 33 years I worked as an engineer, planner and futurist for what is now AT&T in Charlotte and Atlanta. Though I have no engineering degree, I'm a Life Member of the IEEE. Other memberships are the World Affairs Council, the local chapter of the National Association of Business Economics and the American Institute of Archaeology. (I dig international business, so to speak.)

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