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Horizon Fuel Cell Pterosoar UAV Sets Record

Last April 2007, Horizon amazed viewers with their Hyfish UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that looks like a jet and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Now, Horizon has opened up new vistas once again as their Pterosoar has set a new record for distance for micro UAV’s.

In Lancaster, California the Pterosoar flew a distance of 78 miles in just under 3 hours, doubling the old record. The Pterosoar also only used 25-percent of its compressed hydrogen fuel, so Horizon has stated that the UAV’s true range is well over 300 miles.

Horizon is offering videos of both the Hyfish and Pterosoar (named after a flying dinosaur, the Pterosaur) on their site. One of the videos even mentions their vision of one day creating a Hydrogen Airbus that will carry commercial passengers.

While other fuel cell companies have decided to stay Earthbound and work on cars, Horizon has taken to the skies. And, the sky is the limit for Horizon’s hydrogen airplanes as they are starting small with a vision of scaling up to meet the ever growing demand for their products.

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