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Hydra 1 Fuel Cell Boat a Blast from the Past

Hydra Fuel Cell BoatI’ve talked about hydrogen fuel cell boats many times in the past. But, one I’ve neglected to mention (and thanks to Heinz in Germany for sending this in) is the Hydra 1 fuel cell boat that was launched in the year 2000.

Some of the previous fuel cell boats I’ve mentioned include the Duffy Ferryboat in the U. S., the Fuel Cell Boat BV in Amsterdam, boats being developed by the Canadians and Brits and the Zemships that are cruising Alster Lake in Germany.

The Hydra 1 is a 39-ft long, 22-passenger excursion boat, with a 3-blade bronze propeller and permanent magnet DC OECOSACHS motor that cruised the canals of Germany. The boat is powered by a Zetek Europe 21 Alkaline fuel cell (uses potassium hydroxide as an electrolyte) and an 8 kw electric motor.

The Hydra is also ecologically constructed using plywood hard chine construction and little glue. While in the year 2000 other boats were simply vessels churning out gasoline or diesel fumes, the Hydra was way ahead of its time.

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