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Chiron Fuel Cell Train and Big Rig Concept

Chiron Fuel Cell ConceptThe Chiron fuel cell concept is both a train and a big rig truck. And on of the kickers to this design concept is the fuel cell is powered by algae. Both big rig trucks and locomotives have trouble getting from point A to point B efficiently.

Big rig diesel trucks get stuck in traffic and are subject to other highway slowdowns such as construction and alternative routes. Trains are not as flexible since they have to go where their tracks lead them.

So, the concept is to combine the efficiencies and not deficiencies of both with the added feature of zero emissions for this futuristic vehicle. The Chiron concept also comes with satellite tracking for navigating the railways.

The concept Chiron truck / train was designed by Benjamin Cselley, Jessica Covi, Jupin Ghanbari, and Erol Kursani. Now, presumably when the creators say this vehicle is powered by algae they mean to say that the algae creates hydrogen, which powers the fuel cell.

This is some more outside the box thinking that is sure to get people talking as it addresses both transportation issues and diesel emissions in one vehicle design.

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