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Black Cabs and Hydrogen Motorcycles from Intelligent Energy

British fuel cell maker Intelligent Energy has been busy promoting black cabs and hydrogen motorcycles. The black cabs are part of a plan to roll out a line of fuel cell vehicles in time for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Partnering with TRW, London Taxis International and Lotus, Intelligent Energy is following in the footsteps of China who this summer will also roll out a number of hydrogen vehicles for the 2008 Olympics. The black cabs are also being sponsored by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

The fuel cell and storage system in the taxis will allow the cabs to run all day without refueling. They will also be able to achieve speeds up to 75 mph more quickly than standard cabs due to peppier acceleration. Now just why the color black was chosen for a hydrogen car is anyone’s guess? One would think that environmentally symbolic colors such as blue, yellow or green would have been chosen instead of the color of dirty tailpipes and smoke stacks. Go figure.

In other news, Intelligent Energy is also testing out its fuel cell in the Suzuki Crosscage hydrogen motorcycle. According to an article in Jalopnik, the Suzuki Crosscage was taken on a test track in Europe to show off its performance and styling. Details of the event are sparse, but with the peppy prototype popping wheelies and such and showing off, commercialization can’t be that far away.

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