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Berlin Boasts 4 New Hydrogen Buses, Wall of Resistance Crumbles

Berlin, German is tearing down the wall of resistance to new technology by introducing four new hydrogen buses as part of an EU-sponsored HyFLEET:CUTE project. Hydrogen buses have been seen around Berlin since their introduction at the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament this past summer 2006 in the Green Goal project. Under the HyFLEET:CUTE project, a total of 14 hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine buses are planned.

The buses were produced by Neoman Bus in cooperation with the Berlin Transportation Company (BVG) and carry the hydrogen fuel upon the buses’ rooftops. The buses are powered by 4-cylinder internal combustion engines and cost twice as much as the standard diesel buses. Neoman Bus plans to sell 50 – 70 more hydrogen buses in 2008.

The hydrogen buses will be refueled by Total in the Spandau district, next to the diesel bus depot. The Total fueling station dispenses conventional gasoline along with liquid and gaseous hydrogen to the public at large. The Total station is one of two Berlin hydrogen stations that consumers can use.

Besides the hydrogen buses, other vehicles that will most likely use the Berlin fueling facilities include the new BMW Hydrogen 7 automobile, which uses liquid hydrogen to run its internal combustion engine.

Sometimes when a wall of resistance comes down, good things follow. And, once again Berlin is breaking down its wall assuring a cleaner and greener future on the other side.

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