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2015 Honda CB 750 Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept Unveiled

Honda CB 750 HydrogenForget the green car of the year, Honda FCX Clarity for a minute. The 2015 Honda CB 750 Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept has been unveiled.

The Honda CB 750 is equipped with a four-cylinder engine that burns liquid hydrogen and emits on water. Since toughness and lightness is a premium for any powerful, yet green motorcycle, the vehicle’s body and frame use a combination of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

On the fuel tank there is a multi-touch OLED display that controls such functions as Diagnostics, GPS and Drive Modes. The hydrogen motorcycle also boasts a six-speed transmission with traction and electronic lurch control.

Now, I had talked about the Suzuki Crosscage in October 2007 as a contender in the hydrogen-powered motorcycle category. But the Crosscage is a fuel cell vehicle powered by compressed hydrogen gas.

The Suzuki Crosscage and 2015 Honda CB 750 Hydrogen Motorcycle will appeal to different markets and presumably compete over hydrogen refueling infrastructure as well. Whether fuel cell or ICE, both Honda and Suzuki are putting out some pretty cool bikes that will make a consumer “Born to Be Wild” and an “Easy Rider” at the same time.

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