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Smith EV Trucks to Add H2 Fuel Cell to Extend Range

Hydrogen advocates got it right quickly that adding a hybrid battery to a fuel cell car would help extend the range of the vehicle plus supply more power when needed. Now battery electric vehicle (BAV) makers are starting to catch on that adding a hydrogen fuel cell to their EVs will extend the range of their vehicles making them more commercially viable.

This is the case with Smith Electric Vehicles (SEV) that manufactures BAV trucks. Smith has just sold 176 all-electric trucks to Frito-Lay. Other customers include AT&T, Coca-Cola, Staples and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). The BAVs sold to Frito-Lay will be able to drive 100 miles on a single charge.

But, now Smith Electric has gotten wise that its truck fleet customers actually want a longer range with their zero emission vehicles. And, the solution is to add a hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender for these BAV trucks, making them hybrid vehicles and possibly doubling their range.

The first two trucks to get the fuel cell will be a Smith Edison van and a Smith Newton truck. Hydrogen car advocates have known for a long time that a combination of H2 fuel cell and hybrid batteries is a winning combination in regard to vehicle range. Now, BAV advocates are starting to realize the commercial viability of doing the same.

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  1. Folks this is encouraging I think HYDROELECTRIC power is going to be the best.. Soon the United States must realize our citizens are more important than Banks. I will stop. But no Hydrogen money this year Chu hurt the fact of the Billions we have spent.all ready on Fuels..

  2. Commercial trucks

    I appreciate decision taken to use Hydrogen fuel cells by the producers of one of the world’s best-selling electric trucks..This smith electric-dominant hydrogen hybrid vehicle will to deliver deliver enhanced performance to their customers, while still delivering zero emissions.

  3. Actually, I think it would be much more efficient to use graphite oxide (once comercially made) supercapacitors to add to the range, because they have a higher charge/weight ratio and you only need enough charge to make the car/truck accelerate to three quarters maximum speed at maximum weight.

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