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Hydrogen Highways Across the Border Start Opening

I’ve talked about SunHydro before developing the East Coast Hydrogen Highway in the U. S. I’ve also talked about the Canadian Hydrogen Highway being developed just across the West Coast Border.

Last month, SunHydro along with its partner Proton Energy Systems opened the first of 11 hydrogen fueling stations at the Proton Energy headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut. On Tuesday next week SunHydro will make a major announcement in Portland, Maine which is to be one of the starting points for the East Coast Hydrogen Highway.

Now across the northern border on the West Coast a new hydrogen fueling station has opened in Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia. The Surrey hydrogen fueling station is part of the BC Canada Hydrogen Highway system that one may recognize from the 2010 Winter Olympics where hydrogen powered buses were used as transport vehicles.

One has to wonder how long it will be in the future before hydrogen-powered planes, trains and automobiles will be used to visit our neighbors to the north and vice versa. Also one has to wonder how long it will take until East meets West coast in building out an North American International hydrogen highway system. If the building out of the hydrogen highways in the U. S. and Canada is anything like the European model, then geographical boundaries will not limit the drivers of hydrogen vehicles.

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