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Europe Pulling Out Stops on Hydrogen Car Infrastructure

The European Commission Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking has announced that it has $60.5 million USD in funding to grant towards hydrogen cars, refueling stations, production, distribution plus stationary power generation. Of this amount, two-thirds will go towards the hydrogen transportation marketplace.

In the past I’ve talked about both the European Hydrogen Highway system and the German H2 Mobility Plan for accelerating hydrogen car and fueling infrastructure. This is yet another commitment from the European Union towards making sure they are not only on track but pulling out from the pack in regard to hydrogen cars and infrastructure compared to the U. S. or Japan or any of the other smaller entities engaged in this early market.

While the U. S. struggles with its energy policy, still trying to figure out how to “plug the damn hole” from the Gulf oil spill, Europe is charging ahead with its clean energy initiatives and commitment towards a clean environment, energy independence and the creation of green jobs.

The European Union’s funding will go towards new technology for PEM fuel cells, improved reforming technology, and the development of early market materials handling for fuel cell vehicles.

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  1. I only wish it was the United States. Vote out who doesn’t vote to do the same as Germany and other parts of the World. Someone who does your writing or a guess writer should list the ones that have stopped because they have been on the take.Oh yea we need to check and see if our Justices got payola. On allowing any company any amount to stop any group to clean up our fuels?
    Prove me wrong.I want to be wrong prove this please.

  2. Roman Nykyforuk

    Europe is doing the right thing. The US will continue squandering opportunities and will only wake up when the Japanese and European have products that will be in the market in the very near future.

  3. Starting Systems

    A small amount of Earth’s hydrogen is tied up in what is already our main source of transport fuel.

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