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Ronn Motors – FedEx, Federal Incentives and the Chinese

H2GORonn Motors, the makers of the eco supercar Ronn Scorpion and the H2GO hydrogen fuel injection system have been hitting the publicity trail lately by striking deals with FedEx, hoping to strike deals with our Federal Government and making friends with the Chinese in hopes of future financial gains.

First on the agenda is the news that a contractor for FedEx is doing a field trial on Ronn Motors’ H2GO system for increasing mileage on delivery trucks and reducing emissions. The H2GO system is currently installed on two 18-wheeler trucks and results will be tracked for the next 30 days. If the results are positive, then the H2GO is expected to be installed in a number of regular FedEx vehicles.

In other news, Ronn Motors has retained the Potomac Strategic Development Group to lobby the Federal Government in Washington DC for grants and direct loans under President Obama’s stimulus package. Of particular interest is the money put aside by the Fed for development of green cars and leading edge energy technology.

But, that’s not all. In another month, representatives from Ronn Motors and Frigette Energy Systems will be traveling to China to demonstrate the H2GO technology to several Chinese automakers and automotive laboratories in Beijing. The total number of cars in China is expected to exceed those in the U. S. by 2020 and Chinese automobiles are the single biggest contributor to pollution in that country even outpacing coal fired power plants.

Whether or not you believe that the H2GO technology is viable, one thing is for certain. We will find out soon enough whether Ronn Motors’ putting their money where their mouth is will result in a belly full of cash or Ronn Maxwell eating crow. There isn’t much room in-between these two extremes.

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  1. For accuracy’s sake, you should amend some of your entry….specifically: “striking deals with FedEx” and “expected to be installed in a number of regular FedEx vehicles”. FedEx does not own or operate any ground vehicles. The deals are with owner operated contracted fleets. The net effect may be the same, but you should strive to be as accurate as possible in my opinion.

  2. admin

    Yes, you are correct. I tend to give an overview and link to the original sources so that people can read the details. One man’s details are another man’s big picture and vice versa, so it’s not always clear when I’m researching and writing what to leave in and what to edit out.

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