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Ronn Motor Company Takes Scorpion Delivery and Shows at SEMA

I’ve talked about Ronn Motor Company several times in the past and their eco-exotic sports car Scorpion, which is said to be the first gasoline-powered vehicle in the world to come standard with hydrogen fuel injection. Since Ronn Motors has gone public with the Scorpion, the critics have come out of the woodwork.

The naysayers have been very vocal stating that the Ronn Scorpion just can’t work because it would take too much energy from the oversize alternator to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and that it would violate the second law of thermodynamics. Well, yesterday, Ronn Motors has accepted its first pre-production Scorpion supercar from Metalcrafters of Fountain Valley, California.

According to reports, Ronn Motor Company is also unveiling this same Scorpion today at the largest aftermarket auto show in the country, in Las Vegas at the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA. Aftermarket automotive products is a $36 billion a year industry and this is where Ronn Motor Company has chosen to unveil its H2GO hydrogen on demand system inside the Scorpion.

Besides coming standard in the Scorpion, Ronn has also stated that the H2GO hydrogen on demand system will be available to purchase nationwide as an aftermarket automotive device for other vehicles as well. Since this is election day, people will not only be able to vote for a new President, but alternative car enthusiasts will be able to vote on whether the Ronn H2GO system is the real deal or not.

The Ronn Motor Company has put a lot on the line by putting a hydrogen fuel injection unit in the marketplace, which critics simply say can’t work. In short time, consumers will know whether this has been one big fraudulent flop or whether the Ronn Motor Company has developed something truly unique in defiance of the critics and naysayers around the world.

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