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Ronn H2GO Hydrogen on Demand for All Cars and Trucks

Ronn H2GOI’ve talked about the Ronn Scorpion eco-supercar several times in the past, especially the fact that they’ve teamed up with Hydrorunner to provide the first standard hydrogen-on-demand (HOD) system for any new vehicle. Now, Ronn Motors has rebranded this HOD system calling it H2GO™ and will offer it nationwide for all cars, truck, boats or planes that use an internal combustion engine.

The Ronn H2GO is a hydrogen fuel injection system that contains 1.5 gallons of water, which is electrolyzed using an oversized alternator and the resulting hydrogen gas is ported into the supercar’s intake system. This H2GO hydrogen fuel injection will help the vehicle achieve 20 to 25-percent increased gas mileage and 90-percent fewer emissions.

It’s no secret that many people are turning to hydrogen generators for cars recently because of high gasoline prices. But, Ronn Motors has partnered up with a major manufacturer and is envisioning a nationwide rollout of its $999 HOD unit including local installation centers.

The Ronn H2GO also uses a proprietary electronic control module (ECM) that controls the flow and mix of hydrogen to gasoline and a patented ProCooler™ air conditioning system that uses 90 psi less pressure and 20-percent less coolant, which means reduced drag on the engine.

The onboard water used for hydrogen creation also only needs to be changed every 5,000 miles. CEO Ronn Maxwell foresees a huge market for his aftermarket H2GO system as capturing just 1-percent of the current cars and trucks on the road would result in the sale of 1.5 million HOD units.

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