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Hydrogen Generator Message Boards Offer Support

I’ve talked about HHO user groups before and in a way this is an expansion of that post. If you’ve been reading this blog you probably already know that I’ve been advocating for the somewhat controversial subject of hydrogen generators for cars.

Over the past couple of months I’ve shown documents from the U. S. Department of Transportation, NASA and the National Hydrogen Association saying that hydrogen fuel injection is real and viable technology.

Besides the “official” word from large government and non-government organizations another piece to this puzzle is the users themselves. People in droves have been buying the HHO plans, building their own hydrogen generators and then flocking to the message boards when support is needed.

So, I’ve decided to expand the former list and come up with a new list of HHO message boards in which one can communicate, collaborate, share experiences, get help and offer support.

Here’s my top 10 list:

1. OUPower over “Over Unity Power” is a message board that is hard to sign up for but has a highly active user base filled with enthusiasts.

2. Fuel-Savers has a Brown’s Gas section of the message board for builders and enthusiasts to get help and offer support to others.

3. Yahoo Watercar is a group started by the followers of Daniel Dingel but has turned into a place for builders of hydrogen gas savers to communicate and collaborate.

4. HHO Info is one of the newer message boards devoted mostly to the builders of hydrogen generators for cars.

5. Water Fueling is another relatively new message board that features a “find a local installer” section plus information on public and private companies.

6. HHO Forums is one of the largest and most active message boards devoted solely to the subject of HHO generators.

7. Hydropowercar Forums is a message board that is part of a larger website on H2 cars and other renewable energy subjects.

8. Water Fuel Cell Message Board is the largest and most active part of the website devoted to creating HHO from water and using it as fuel.

9. Overunity is one of the largest and most active message boards devoted to free energy subjects including HHO generators.

10. Super HHO is another message board in its infancy stages. The admin tells his personal struggles with building his first hydrogen generator and invites others to join in the discussion.

So, for the critics and skeptics who still say that hydrogen generators just can’t work, no way, no how, I invite you to check out these message boards filled with everyday builders and users of this technology. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people on these message boards say they have hands-on experience building and developing these generators and they do, in fact, work.

Is everybody on these boards totally and completely wrong? Try to keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions. You may just find that the step from skeptic to advocate is a very small step indeed.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen car blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen cars, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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