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Hydrogen Booster DIY Generator for Cars

Hydrogen BoosterYesterday, Patrick K., an engineer, contacted me about the Smack’s Booster DIY (do-it-yourself) system that acts as a hydrogen generator for cars, trucks and motorcycles. This hydrogen boosting system helps increase gas mileage while reducing emissions by electrolyzing a small amount of water and injecting the hydrogen and oxygen into the vehicle’s intake.

Here’s how Patrick describes it:

“Standard electrolysis of water as investigated and reported on by Michael Faraday, cannot be disputed as it is very easily replicated and verified.

Performing low-rate standard electrolysis using 15 to 20 amps of current from the electrics of a vehicle, provides enough hydroxy gas to be used as an enhancer of the ordinary fuel burn of the vehicle’s engine.

In the same way that soaking a pile of bonfire material in petrol before lighting it, makes it catch light and burn much more rapidly than if no petrol were used, adding say, 1 to 2 lpm of hydroxy gas to the air being drawn into the engine acts as a burn enhancer for the engine fuel.

The resulting combustion inside the engine, extracts a far greater percentage of the fossil fuel energy from the burning mix. Not only that, but this raising of the quality of the combustion prevents un-burnt fossil fuel being pushed out of the exhaust.

The results are very beneficial. The engine has greater pulling power. The engine runs at a lower temperature. Engine life is increased. Any old carbon deposits inside the engine get removed by the improved burn quality. The exhaust gases are cleaned up entirely. This is bog-standard Engineering – nothing strange, nothing weird, everything by the book.”

Upon Patrick’s free energy website are many diagrams and descriptions that the DIY’er will find helpful. In addition, there are several other DIY hydrogen generators for cars that I’ve listed on the main website as well that are worth noting as well.

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  1. Guido Sanabria

    It is very interesting to read information based in knowledgement. I have been working with this proccess for more that 2 years and after found all the problems that the systems have and solved them all, I can say the proccess works.

    Have a good day

    Hydro Gennie

  2. Could you please send free infomation about how build this generator.

    thank you

  3. admin

    Hello Roberto, I’ve emailed you the info and here it is again:


  5. admin

    It’s hard to tell. Here is another page filled with vendors that you may want to check out:

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