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Hixon Autoplex Installing Hydrogen Generators for Cars

The Hixon Autoplex in Alexandria, Louisiana has started installing hydrogen generators for cars recently. In an article and video by Joel Massey of KALB-TV of Alexandria, the owner claims that by installing the hydrogen fuel injection units, cars and trucks can receive 30 to 70-percent better gas mileage.

After much Internet research, this particular hydrogen generator was chosen and it uses a combination of water, baking soda and vinegar in order to create the HHO gas that is then ported into the vehicle’s intake system. The article and video are sparse on a lot of details such as the name of the hydrogen generator or even the first name of Mr. Hixon, who was being interviewed.

But, why this is important to me is that this is the first time that I have heard of a car dealership installing aftermarket hydrogen generators for cars as one of the standard services that they offer. With the ever so high price of gasoline it is no doubt that many consumers have been asking for this kind of product and service.

But what will be interesting now will be to see how many other auto dealerships and mechanics will follow suit. As part of the next stop at your car dealership you may want to take your vehicle in for a tire rotation, oil change and hydrogen generator. This is a trend just waiting to happen.

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