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HHO Generator User Groups Offer Support

I’ve been taking about hydrogen generators for cars for some time now as supplemental technology for a gasoline or diesel-powered engine. While the critics are blathering on about the laws of thermodynamics and there being no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, confusing legitimate hydrogen fuel injection with the mythical car that runs on 100-percent water, it occurred to me that a little support is needed for the DIY’er community.

Now, how HHO gas is bonded at a molecular level is open to debate, and I’ll let the chemical engineers battle out the theoretical implications. What is not open to debate, however, are the thousands of users with first hand practical experience of their own, using an HHO generator and providing positive gas mileage results.

In fact, the electrolysis of water has been around since the 1800’s, but using the resulting HHO gas for supplemental fuel is a rather new phenomenon. In recent months the market has really heated up. Just this week alone, mechanics, car dealerships and inventors from Louisiana, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas and Arizona has all made the news with their HHO generators independent of one another.

While critics often confuse vehicles that use HHO generators for supplemental fuel with the non-existent 100-percent water-powered car, scammers often confuse HHO technology with hydrogen cars. In fact, I found one scammer using a photograph of the Audi A2H2 that I had taken personally a couple of years back at the National Hydrogen Association convention in Long Beach, California, claiming this was a “water car”. I emailed the blogger and the photo has since disappeared from his site.

So, where does a person with an HHO generator go for community support? So far, I’ve found three active user groups online including, and the Yahoo Watercar group, all of which have an active base filled with people using HHO generators on their own vehicles and willing to help others get the most out of their units.

While the critics are blathering on about how HHO generators can’t work in theory and the scammers are confusing people about what they are and how they work, the online user groups are applying their hands-on experience to show each other and the world that hydrogen on demand generators are practical and effective for boosting gas mileage.

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