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West Virginia University Adds to Eastern Hydrogen Highway

As Big Oil such as Shell Hydrogen are abandoning their H2 fueling stations from the East Coast in New York and Washington DC, some smaller players are picking up the slack and further developing the Eastern United States.

I’ve already talked about the SunHydro East Coast Hydrogen Highway a time or two putting hydrogen fueling stations up and down the Eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.

Now, once again West Virginia is stepping up. In August 2009, I had talked about how West Virginia was putting up a hydrogen fueling station at the Yeager Airport in Charleston. The plan is to build a hydrogen corridor to Pittsburgh with an H2 fueling station in Morgantown, WV along the way.

Now West Virginia University has announced that they have received funding from the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium and will be building the hydrogen fueling station in Morgantown.

Since Big Oil is stepping out of this process leave it to small businesses, universities and government to make the hydrogen highway systems from East coast to West a reality.

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