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SoCal Hydrogen Fueling Station Road Trip by CaFCP

Elan Shore, who works for the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP), did some day tripping on a six-day road trip in Southern California to check out and blog about his experiences at different hydrogen fueling stations.

He starts his blog experience in Torrance, California and in the next six days travels to UC Irvine, Fountain Valley, Diamond Bar, Burbank, West Los Angeles and then Newport Beach.

According to Elan Shore about the Torrance, CA facility, “Located across the road from Toyota’s facility and down the street from Honda’s—and not far from Mercedes and GM—this station feels like the epicenter of the fuel cell world.  My experiences here led me on a mini-quest to see all the public hydrogen stations in Southern California in person.  What will follow each day for the next six days is what I saw and what I learned at each of these stations.”

And, since the road trip ended on a Sunday, we hope Mr. Shore got a little time off to recuperate.


Here are his blog posts about his trip:



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