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Sainsbury Supermarket to Receive Hydrogen Fueling Dispenser

In the UK, the Sainsbury grocery chain has announced it will receive the country’s first hydrogen fueling dispenser located at a supermarket. The dispenser will be built by specialty gas maker Air Products.

According to Air Products, “Sainsbury’s has announced the UK’s first supermarket forecourt hydrogen dispenser will be located at its Hendon store by the end of the year. Working with global leaders in hydrogen infrastructure, Air Products, the new dispenser will join a network of existing stations helping bring a breath of fresh air to residents and visitors in London and the South East.

“The SmartFuel® station will be able to fuel a growing number of hydrogen-powered fleets driving around the Capital. From hydrogen-powered buses running between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway, to hybrid delivery vans operated by Commerical Group and hydrogen powered taxis already driving on London’s roads; it is clear hydrogen isn’t a fuel of the future, it’s a fuel for today.”

The Sainsbury 700-bar SmartFuel® hydrogen fueling dispenser will be part of a larger network of H2 fueling stations around London that will be supporting the commercial fuel cell vehicles that will be rolling out in that area over the next several years.


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