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Proton OnSite to Build High Output Hydrogen Fueling Station in Hawaii

Proton OnSite (formerly Proton Energy Systems) is building the most productive hydrogen fueling station with onsite production to date in Hawaii. Proton OnSite has been awarded a $1.7 million contract from TARDEC (Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center), which is part of the U. S. Army.

The 65 kg a day hydrogen fueling station is being modeled after a station that has already been built in Wallingford, Connecticut (the state’s first commercial hydrogen fueling station). Proton OnSite is partnering with SunHydro to build many more H2 fueling stations in the Northeastern U. S. in a cluster model (similar to what is happening in the Los Angeles area). So, how do you like them apples?

In December 2010 I had talked about how the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative was the perfect science experiment. The new Proton OnSite hydrogen fueling station is being built on the Army base on Oahu. And Oahu imports 100-percent of their oil.

Oahu is slated to build between 20 and 25 hydrogen fueling stations on the island which is enough to support all of the future H2 cars that will be driven there. The Proton OnSite H2 station will help Oahu to become the first fully functional “hydrogen island” on the planet. So, how do you like them pineapples?

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